Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Fashion || Staying Warm

How cold is it getting now! Not enjoying the early mornings waiting outside work for people to arrive! I always stand there hugging myself shivering!

I really need to buy a new coat! The one I have at the moment I have had since year 9 so 8 years! it still fits me (clearly I haven't grown since I was 13) but Its so tatty and it have holes in the pockets and its just well...old! But I am so fussy when it comes to coats! I want one with a hood, but I don't want one with a Collier because it find its harder to wear a scarf, it feels uncomfy...just me?

Talking about scarfs though :) I popped in to H&M the other day and left with my perfect scarf!
I really love the colours! and the pattern! flowers and leaves! :) I think its perfect for autumn, until I need to wear a proper woolly scarf! and I adore the colours! :) keeping it girlie, but not to summery, if you know what I mean! :)

I didn't realise it was a snood until I got it home! That just made me love it more! :)

It was £6.99

Have you started wearing your winter warms yet?

Lots of love

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