Sunday, 16 September 2012

Sunday Ramble || It's been a while

Hello lovely people, well its Sunday and I'm not at work! this hardly ever happens so I am making the most of it and obviously writing a Sunday rambles post! YAY!!

I'm not feeling to good today so I am having a Jammie day and I'm going to write a few posts for this week and take some pictures for a few more! I am trying to get organised these days, its harder than you think! I have downloaded an app called 'Wunderlist' its amazing! 

This is such a good app and its free! if your a list lover like me you have to get this app! seriously! I have been thinking about doing a post about my favourite apps..would any of you be interested in that?

 So anyway I have done my weekly blog reads and comments, I love reading all you blogs but its really not good for my bank balance! your all just too good at making my buy things! My wish list always gets longer after I have read them. Currently my most wanted make up item is YSL 'Shocking' Mascara! is seems to be everywhere in the blogging world atm and all the reviews are good! Its just so expensive! With me currently having a pretty broken car my wish list wont be getting shorter any time soon. :( 

I did treat myself to a few things though this month, the first is now my pride and joy, a new bag! :) Its from Zara! I have been wanting a classic black bag for a while now, but me being me I have very expensive taste, Chanel being at the top of that wish list. but when I saw this one I fell in love with it straight away!
I ordered it online and got it delivered to the Store near me so postage was free, however not sure I will be doing that again because it took a week and half to get to the store, which lets me honest these days is a pretty long time for postage! I went into the store and she said you normally have to wait 5 to 7 working days, I waited 10 days and I am so impatient, however it was worth the wait! I am going to do a 'Whats in my bag' post so I will show you more of it then :)
I also went to primark yesterday with my mum and picked up my new winter jammies!
of course they have penguins on! :) they are so soft and comfy. They have a elastic cuff on the bottom, normally I really don't like that but with these it just adds to the comfort and they slip perfectly in some slipper boots! mmm warm and toasty! I almost want it to get really cold now so I can wear them! They where only a £5 too!

Well its time for me to start some other posts now :) hope you enjoyed my little ramble :)

Lots of Love 
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