Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Review || Revlon Lip Butter

I have finally got my hands on some Revlon Lip Butters! My local boots has taken FOREVER to get them in but now they are here! WOOHOO and I picked up 2 in my latest boots trip! 

Seriously I can't go into Boots without coming out with some form or makeup or skin care! I think I have a problem! I think its the same problem every Beauty Blogger has right? Please say yes! Then I won't feel so bad! 

Anyway back to the point of this post! 

I picked up 2 shades!

Tutti Frutti and Macaroon
As you can see Tutti Frutti is an Orange shade (my current obsession) and Macaroon is a pink shade.
 I have read so many posts on these and watched a fair few youtube videos too and everyone is mad about them! Well I can see why! The colours are so beautiful and for a balm the colours are pretty bright and rich colours too! 
They slide on so easy on the lips and feel really nice too very moisturising! The only thing I find is that they don't have long staying power, but with them feeling so Nice to put on, it really doesn't bother me to have to re-apply!
This is Tutti Frutti! Love it so much!

Price - £7.99
Where - Boots
Rating - 4/5

Have you tried them yet? Whats your favourite shade?

Lots of Love

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PP.S Sorry about the blurry pictures! :(

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