Saturday, 25 August 2012

My Life || I Brought a...

This blogger is getting serious!

I feel all grown up!
From when I first started blogging I have always sat on my bed with my laptop in my lap, but my laptop is now getting pretty old and keeps over heating! So me and mum took a day trip to Ikea to find a desk!

Now I have pretty small room, so to fit it in I have had to move my whole room around! Effort and a half! but so worth it!!
We spent ages putting it together! Ikea instructions are pretty hard to follow! Why are there no words?
But after a few hours struggle we managed to get it together!
I love it! it has a little draw in it too so more storage space, thats always handy! Already this has been so useful! Blogging is so much moe comfortable, my legs dont get burnt and the laptop doesnt turn off half way throught writing a post! YAY
I am having to use my brothers old computer chair atm and its all ugly and blue so I just drapped a soft blanket i also got from Ikea over it! I think it looks cute! :)

Mum also went out with her friend the other day and came back with a beautiful note book so i can plan my blog posts better and write down ideas and stuff! How nice was that! she also brought me a little wall hanging thing, thats just perfect for me!
Where do you write your blog?

Lots of Love
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