Thursday, 23 August 2012

Beauty || MAC - Cosmo || Review

Morning lovely people!

I have been naugty again! I brought another Lippy!
I wanted another nude, but one that was obvious you where wearing it, if that makes any sence! 

I had heard alot of good things about 'Cosmo' but never really thought it would suit me, its a nude with a reddy orange hint to it, I have very pale skin and always went for more pinky nudes, But I was brave and after a lot of research I took the plunge and got it!
I am in Love!!

This colour is beautiful, so simple but makes such a differnce to how your face looks! It brightens your face and the Orange hint to it really brings out Blue eyes,
Its from the 'Aplified' collection and it feels so creamy on your lips. The only down side that I have is that its staying power isnt incredable, you do have to reapply a quiet a few times during the day!
I absurlutly adore how this looks, It is very similer to faux, only difference being that faux is slightly more of a brown nude.
The best way to discribe this lippy is, 'Your lips but better'

MAC have now taken the prices for their lippy up (again) they now cost £14 what I think is far to expensive! and it really annoys me that they keep taking them up!

Whats your favouite nude lippy?

Lots of Love
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