Thursday, 16 August 2012

Cofessions of a Beauty Girl - Tag

Ok so I saw this and I thought it was a cute tag so I have adapted because it is really for Youtube beauty girls, so I have changed some questions so its more for  a blogger girl rather than a Youtube girl :)

There are 15 questions in the Youtube version however I had to take some out because they were purely about Youtube, so for the Blogger version there are only 10 questions :)

1) How many hours a week do you spend taking photos and writing posts for your blog?
Its different every week, it depends on the type of post I am doing and how many I am doing in the week. I have been trying to get a post up every other day recently, (failed I know) so I normally spend one day Taking the pictures and then another writing the posts and I schedule them.

2) Are you a spender or a saver?
Well...I try to think myself a saver but I know deep down I am very much a spender! I am trying though and only buying things that I 'need'...

3) When is it easiest for you to blog?
I find I am better at writing blogs in the afternoon/evening, I am definitely more of an evening person then a morning person and I find it hard to concentrate on anything before 12!

4) Whats your worst Hair and make up habit?
Hair - I don't so anything with it, wash it and leave it! Lazy! also I wash it nearly everyday, I am trying to get out of this though! its not good for my hair.
Makeup - I don't always take it off properly! ew I know!

5) One quote you wish the world would live by?
Treat others how you would want to be treated
There are so many rude people around and sometimes I just wonder how they would react if someone spoke to them how they are speaking to me! not nice! 

6) How long do you spend getting ready everyday?
It depends on the day, if I have to go out somewhere, like work or I am going out with a friend It would take me about 1 hour normally, for hair, make up and clothes, But if I have nothing to do that day It takes me forever! I just take my time.

 7) A blog you read that you think deserves more followers and views that they have?
Sophie for Flirty dresses
I adore her and her blog, she is such a love girl and her posts are so fun to read! seriously go follower her! promise you will lover her as much as I do !

8) One thing your excited about in the up coming year?
Hmm I nervous and excited about it, but I will hopefully be starting to make YouTube videos.
Scary times!

9) How long does it take you to plan/prep a post?
This again depends on the type of post, reviews obviously take longer, due to having to actually use the product before reviewing, but Tags like this not long at all.

10) What are you most proud of in your life?
This is seriously such a hard question!! It has taken me ages to try and think of something, but I would probably have to say my relationship with my mum and brother, We are so close and I love it, I can tell either of them anything. I know a lot of families that don't have that and I treasure the fact that I do.

Right now I am going to tag all of you! 
Let me know if you do it in the comments, I am very nosey! :)

Lots of Love

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