Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Beauty || N'7 Eye Make up Remover || Review

Good Evening Polly's, its been awhile! I hope you are all well and enjoying the sunshine while it last here in England...Summer has Finally arrived!

So I have have been looking for an eye make up remover for a while, I normally take my make up off with a wipe, however recently my eyes have become very sensitive and using the wipes just make them very red and sore...Not a good look.

I was looking for something gentle and quick and easy to use, I like to quickly get my make up off so I can get all snuggled and warm in bed, I'm not one to fuss about taking my make up off using product after product, I actually think that is pretty bad for your skin, well it doesn't do any good to mine anyway. But I didn't want to spend a bomb on some high end product.

The girls at work suggested this so I though why not give it a go! N'7 is pretty easy to get hold off in Cambridge and the girls that work on the counter there are so lovely.
  I needed an eye make up remove that would remove waterproof mascara and I have found it so hard to find one that I didn't have to scrub my eyes with to get it off!

This stuff is amazing!!
 It works so quickly, simply give it a good shake to mix it together then use a cotton pad soak it in the remover and lay over your eyes, gently massage over the eye and wipe away! I have never used something to easy and quick before.
It also leave your skin feeling pretty soft around your eyes, this shows how gentle it is on your skin, and the smell is lovely, it smells fresh and clean, if a smell can be clean?!

On the other hand, this product is very greasy and leaves a greasy layer on your skin once the make up has been removed, to solve this problem I take my eye make up off first using this and then use N'7 Hot Cloth Cleanser to make the rest of it off and to remove that greasy layer, I find this works well and my skin is left feeling very soft and looking very clean!
Also if you get this right into your eye it can sting, but if you don't soak the cotton pad to much, so its not dripping you will be fine!
 I obviously brought this from my local Boots and it cost £8.50

Let me know what eye make up remover you use? I always love to try new things!

Lots of Love

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