Monday, 16 July 2012

Spending Ban

Ever since I started my Blog I have become addicted to buying a trying new products, as you can imagine and probably know this can cost a lots a money over some time and also courses you to have alot of products not finished!
Well I have decided I really need to start using up what I have got. 
I am trying to save now so that me and the Boyfriend can move out and with my obsession this is coursing a problem! 
I am hoping that from doing this I will be able to do an empties post very soon :) and also I will be able to buy a camera ans start the ol' Youtube adventure and be able to move out  
Becoming a big girl.
I know alot of people have been doing the recently and I think it is an amazing idea and perfect excuse to stop wasting products and money.
So far I am finding it very hard! I have a very big boots very close to where I work and I go there to buy the essentials, but I always end up roaming around having a look and everything in there. normal not good for the ol'purse.
There is also a superdrug near my so I have also decided I am going to try and buy more of my beauty stuff from there, they always seem to have deals on, which is always lovely :)

If you are currently on a spending ban, ow are you getting on? Is it Hard or are you finding it pretty easy?

Save your pennies
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