Monday, 25 June 2012

Yankee Candle - White Chocolate Mint

Hello my little pocket people :)
 I have another Candle obsession starting I can sense it...see what I did there...(alwful I know)

I popped into clinton cards the other day for pick up some! and I saw that they had one a sale on some of the yankee candles! This made me very excited.
If you have read one of my recent posts you will knowI have just painted my room, well it still stinks of paint and it gives me a headache so I wanted to get a new candle to take the smell away.

And what did I find! 
A candle thats smells of 2 of my favourite things!!
White Chocolate and Mint!!
This candle smells amazing! its so suttle but its lovely, exactly what I was looking for! it reminds me more of tick tacks that anything chocolatey, well may after eights...hmm

It cost £9.99

I prefere buying yankee candles in the tumblers rather than the jars, I just feel like in the jars alot of the candle is wasted and also a lot more smoke is make in the jars and they turn black (not pretty). I think the tumblers last longer too :)

This is currently my favourite smell yet!

Lots of love jelly tots!

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