Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Hair Care || Blondey update

As most of you know, I am trying to get my hiar blonde, I have dyed it many colours before as most teen girls do, but I am turning 21 in august and feel I need to settle down with my hair and get it back into good condition.

I havent strightened or used any heat on my hair for the last 9 months and its really working, its grown so fast and it is now nearly as my aimed length and it feels so soft because the condition is so much better.

Anyway back to Blonde
I have now had a half head of foils and a full head, I had the full head around 2 weeks ago. I am so happy with the results.

sorry about the funny faceial expression.
 I love it :) I will be having another full head just before my birthday and then i think it will be the colour I have been aiming for.

Whats your favourite hair colour?


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