Tuesday, 24 July 2012

5 Things I love to do in my spare time

Evening Polly's,
So i just saw a lovely blog do this post and I thought I would do it. Its another post for all you people out there who are just like me and have are nosy about other people lives.

The blog I saw this on was a lovely girl called Jazz, she has a wonderful blog and I strongly suggest you go and sub her :) Just click on her name and you will go straight to this post on her page! :)

okay so here goes...

1) Watch Big Bang Theory and New Girl - Yup I love new girl, or maybe its just zooey dechannel that I like (girl crush) These two shows never fail to cheer me up it I am feeling down or just bored. :)

2) Bake - I love making cakes actually I think I like making them more then I like eatting them, I really enjoy doing really cute girly designs on them haha :)

3) Watch Beauty gurus on YouTube - I have been wanting to start making videos for a while and I have been obsessed with watching them to try I get ideas of how I want to do my videos eventually.

4) Painting my nail- I swear my nail colour changes every other day! and I can't go into Boots without coming out with a new polish!
Too Many? This isn't even all of them...Oops

5) Pj and movies days - Nothing beats snuggling in your pjs and watching a good film! :)

Tell me what you like to do with your time :)

Lots of Love 

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