Monday, 4 June 2012

Jubilee Weekend :D

Hello Beautiful people.
(Warning this post contains lots of photos)
I hope you have all had/having a wonderful Julbilee weekend? What have you all been up to?

I had a Wedding to go to, well it was a renewal of vows! between my auntie and uncle.
 It was such a lovely day and I just wanted to show yous ome pictures :)

Being a beauty Blog I obviously have a to do an outfit of the day!
The dress is from ARK and the shoes if I remember are from M&S :) I love the contrast between the red shoes and the cream dress :) What do you think?

Here are some other pictures from the weekend :)

 I hope you don't mind all the pictures! I love Picture posts! I am just so nosy haha :)

Lots of Love
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