Thursday, 31 May 2012

Guess who's back! :D

Well good evening ladies!

I am so happy to anounce that I am back up and running :) and I can once again blog to my hearts content!

I just wanted to say Thank you so much to all you loveky people who have continued to read and comment on my blog, I have read all your comments on my phone and I plan to go thought them all and reply now! :)

I am so happy to be back!

I would love to find some new blogs that I have been missing out on over the last few months so please do leave links in the comments :) 
 We have missed you!!

While I am here I will do a hair update! :) If you can remember far enough back I had started to grow my hair and to get it blonde, Well this is where its at atm.
 I havent straighted my hair since Novemeber (I think) it has really helped with the growth, its grown so much quicker than it normally would, and always no heat has made it so much thick!! WooHoo!

Lots of Love
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