Thursday, 31 May 2012

No7 - Triple protection Tinted Moisturiser.

Well a few days ago the weather was amazing so I though it was time to put the foundation in the draw and to find an amazing tinted moisturiser.
I asked around and a lot of people said to try the tinted moisturiser from I did :)
I love it!
Its so smooth to put on and quick at easy aswell, great when your running late for work in the morning, the coverage isnt actully that bad for a tinted moisturizer, with a powder over the top I would say its pretty similar coverage to a light foundation, but it doesnt feel like one. :) 

I have worn this everyday since I got it! and with those wonderful £5 off vouchers in boots, I never have to pay full price! 

Win Win! :D

At full price it costs £12 so to be honest its not to expensive anyway but all like a bargain!

Whats your go to tinted moisturizer in this weather? Have you all been sun bathing? I have! :) 

Stay sun safe ladies!


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