Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Loreal - Caresse

Good evening ladies, my friend has been kind enough to let me use her laptop as mine is completely broken now :( she has also take the photos for me, you all need to go and look at her blog!! I will link it at the end of the post.
 I have so much to blog about so there will be a few posts this week :) Yay!!
Todays post as you can tell from the title is a review on the new lipsticks by Loreal. I had heard a lot about them and as I has a lipstick addict of course I had to try them out :)

I brought 3.
                                     Aphrodite scarlet        tempting lilac            rebel red                                          

I love them! they are so moisturising on the lips and if your one of them girls that love a bright lip but don't have the confidence to wear them, these are perfect for you!!

The colours are so build-able, if you are wanting to wear them during them day just put one layer on, the colours are shear with one coat and leaves the lips with just a hint of colour,  however if you want to go for the bright bright lip just put abit more on and you are left with a rich colour. I think they are a great starter for people who are new to lipsticks of scared of bright colours, as your confidence grows the brighter you can make it.

I quote my friend from work

'they leave your lips looking so kissable'

haha :)

They are £7.99 each but lets be honest Boots pretty much always has a 3 for 2 offer so go for it even if you by what you need and get one of these as your free item!!

Just a quickie before I sign off and go have dinner :)
If you follow me of twitter you will know that I am about to start to learn the guitar, well the very talented Mark Ellis will be teaching me and you seriously need to go and listen to him!! I will leave the link to his SoundCloud page! please go and listen his is such a sweetheart and so talented!
Just click on the picture :)
(on day I will play like that)


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