Tuesday, 27 March 2012

11 Questions Tag

Good afternoon lovelies, I have been tagged to do this and i love doing these posts and reading them, (again my nosy side coming out) so I though why not! :)

I was Tagged by the lovely Chloe from Giada Beauty Quick go and look at her Blog!!

So the idea is you answer 11 questions then tag 11 more people to answer 11 questions you have made up yourself! Love this idea! :D

Q1 When did you start your blog and why?
Well I started it in July 2011 because I moved to London with the boyfriend and he worked late nights so I was alone alot and felt pretty lonely so for something to do I did this! Now living back near Cambridge I have met some amazing fellow bloggers and made some lovely friends! :)

Q2 What are you top 3 beauty products which you can't live without?
Collection 2000 concealer, No'7 Nail Polish, Loreal pressed powder

Q3 If you could live anywhere in the world, Where would you live?
Well some of you are going to be like, really??!! but I adore France! I think its beautiful! and I love the culture and fashion! Paris please!!

Q4 What is your favourite movie?
The Lion King!!

Q5 What makes you happy?
WOW what a question!! The sun makes me very happy! not matter what mood I am in if its sunny and warm outside as soon as I am out in it I become very happy! I also love having my hair done! new hair also makes me very happy! :) 

Q6 What is your favourite Lipstick?
At the moment I am loving all the Topshop lipsticks! I can't choose a favourite out of them though!

Q7 High heels or Flats?
High Heels! I am pretty short and have tall friends! haha

Q8 What is your most wanted product of this month?
A bright coloured fashion blazer jacket! but I can't find one anywhere that fits! :(

Q9 What is the most weird food you have ever eaten?
Ostrich! I got tricked into eating it! I was told it was a beef burger!! parents lie to make you eat strange things!!

Q10 Do you sing in the shower?
Oh yes!! I sing everywhere and anywhere!!

Q11 Name 5 of your favourite books.
Harry Potter (of course) Winnie the pooh, Beautiful - Katie piper, Sister - Rosamund Lupton, can't think of a 5th one, I don't really read that much, only when I am on holiday.

My 11 questions.
1) Name one thing you like about yourself.
2) Do you have any strange Habits?
3) Whats your go to make up brand?
4) Whats your must have for your wardrobe?
5) Whats your natural hair like? Do you like it?
6) What is the most expensive thing you own?
7) Name 3 of your favourite Blogs. (Beauty and none Beauty blogs)
8) Whats your favourite animal?
9) What are the top 3 things on your current wish list?
10) Whats the First think you look for in a partner?
11) Whats your favourite Nail Polish colour?

11 People I Tag.
Courtney - Daisy Meadow
Sophie - Flirty Dresses
Kirsty - Kirsty Vanessa
Claire - XxDollyBlossom

I hope you are all enjoying the sunshine!! :) 

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