Saturday, 17 March 2012

TopShop Lippy - ohh la la

I have recently become obsessed with buy lipsticks! Its almost getting as bad as my nail varnish obsession! ( if you want a post of my nail varnish and/or lipstick collection just leave it in a comment) But I only seem to buy the 'safe' colours, the easy to wear everyday kind of colours! until now!!

I have known about TopShop make up for a while but I have never really tried any! I am always a bit hesitant when trying make up a clothing store has brought out, I am always worried it will look awful on and just not be very good really.
But after reading a new Blog posts about TopShop's lipstick range I just had to go and try one! With them only being £8 I could resist. I used to think £8 was a lot for make up, but lately the price of high street make up just keeps creeping up and up and now £8 is pretty good I think, and for the quality of the lipstick it is so worth it!

'OHH LA LA' is definatly a summer colour rather then a winter one, so I haven't work this out yet, but I can not wait to get on a pretty little summer dress and wear this lippy with it! it is stunning!
The colour itself is a very pinky coral, perfect for a paler skin tone like mine.
The lipstick is so moisturizing, although I would still suggest a lip palm is worn underneath. it applys beautiful and the pigmentation is stunning! 
I can't wait to go and buy more of the colours and really do recommend these lipsticks and also the whole Top Shop makeup range! 

I am very impressed with it! 


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