Saturday, 17 March 2012

Herbal Essences - Tousle me Softly - Review

I am always changing the shampoo and conditioner I use for my hair, There is normally something different in my shower every few weeks. I find doing this actually keeps my hair feeling really nice and soft, If I use the same ones fro a while I find my hair starts to get dry and frizzy and I can't do anything with it, it starts to look very lifeless and dull.

So my latest addition to the shower is Herbal Essences newest shampoo and conditioner.
Tousle me Softly.

I had high hopes for this because when I used to straighten my hair I used their products for straight hair and I found them to be miracle workers! So now that I don't straighten my hair I thought I would give this one a go, I love the big messy hair look, and with me having very fine hair, I find it hard to get this look without using products. I am now trying to grow my hair and so don't want to use all these products, I find them to be very damaging even without using heat on my hair.

Herbal Essences 'Tousle me Softly' is 'for Naturally wavy hair' it claims to give you the 'messy' look with ease!

'This refreshing clean shampoo provides all the toss and turn you yearn for. Who Knew messy could be so beautiful'

 I have found that it works best when only used every other time you wash your hair, I have find it to be quiet heavy on my hair making it drop and have less volume, ( I know it doesn't say it gives volume, but for a messy head look, you kinda need it!) As a cleaner it is very good, my hair does fee very fresh and soft after using it, There is no residue left in the hair, which with some Shampoo and conditioners I have found to be the case. 
It also leave your hair smelling amazing. If I have used this I always catch a smell of it if my hair is blowing in the wind, and I have also had comments on how it smells.

Over all I do love this product as a cleaner, but as styling goes I feel it would work better on thicker hair, I think my hair is too thin for this to show its full result!


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