Friday, 2 March 2012

Garnier - Roll on concealer - Review

Happy Friday Lovelies!!
How are you all spending your weekend? Doing anything exciting?
Well as most of you will know at Boots there is currently a 3 for 2 offer going on! I just can't resist making the most of this and buying lots of stuff and I always like to get something  new to try! I have recently started suffering from Dark Circles under my eyes due to not sleeping properly because of the ol' Arthritis. So I wanted to see if anything would help cover them up and I had heard good thingas about Garnier but never tried any of their products.
So thought why not try it now! 
So I did!!

For some reason the camera has made my skin look purple...its not lol!

 I actually love this product! I got the one for 'really fair skin' I think that was my only mistake, I clearly think I am paler then I am! but as for covering Dark Circles its a miracle worker!! I seriously recommend this product!!
The product itself is very much like a liquid foundation and basicly gives the same effect on the eyes, however with the application being with a little metal ball I find it very refreshing to put on in the moring and it wakes me eyes up even more! :)
Its so easy to use, simple roll it under your eye and blend it by gently patting around the eye! (basicly how you put on concealer!) remember to be gentle because the skin around the eye is very thin and delicate! 
There is no particular time to put it on (before or after foundation (if you wear it) )) I personally put it on after and then reapply through out the day and put a powder over the top.

Its selling at £9.99 atm and you can get it from any Boots store, Lets be honest its not really going to be hard to find! :)

Let me know if you try it out!! :)


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