Monday, 5 March 2012

Sunday Rambles...On a Monday...

Oh my Golly Gosh how cold is it!! I am freezing! Currently still sat in my jammies in my big dressing gown with socks on and massive bootie slippers and I feel like I am stood outside in the misery that is he current English weather! What has happened to the warm weather! I miss it!! and freak snow storm we has yesterday in Cambridge! Very Random and strange! Bring on Summer that's what I say!1
Lets sit an look at this picture and imagen we are there, maybe it will be make us feel warmer?!
(Well it was worth a try)

Right I just want to say sorry (again) for missing yesterdays Sunday Rambles, yes you guessed it I was working, seriously do not enjoy working Sundays!(oh my I can't feel my fingers).

I have a quick question for you lovely ladies! I have been looking for a simple black fashion blazer for ages but can't find one anywhere...ok well thats a lie I found the perfect one in H&M on Saturday but when I put it on the shoulder pads looked awful! making my shoulders look massive and my head look tiny!! (not a good look) so I was wondering if any of you wonderful people knew where I could find a classic blazer, at a good price without shoulder pads!! I really don't like them on me!
Here are 2 examples of the kind of thing that I am looking for...
I would really love if you know of anywhere to leave it in a comment! :)
pretty please! :)

Thank you to all of my new followers and Hello :) *waves*
and of Cause Thank you to all of you that still read my blog :) it means so much to me!!

Love always
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