Wednesday, 11 January 2012

YouTube - FayBurmingham - Wise Words!!

The modern day and age is very much focused on image and size, this isn't good for young girls, I believe this is the reason for all the issues girls have now with always worrying about how they look and how much they weight, when they already look beautiful and don't need to change!
Earlier today Fay posted this video on YouTube, 
She focuses on how girls see themselves and how they want to change themselves just from seeing photos in the press of models and celebrities. I agree with everything she says. I haven't seen anyone else touch on this subject, most probably mostly because it is a sensitive subject and can upset girls, however i am so glad she did! It good that finally someone has had the confidence to put her views across. I am proud of her for posting this video.
I really wanted to share it as soon as I saw it, Please watch it and share it, let other girls know that they are beautiful however they look!

Every girl and even some guys have days when they look in the mirror and don't like what they see and its days like that when they will look at pictures and hate themselves even more because they don't look like the pictures int he magazines, But honestly the models in the pictures don't even look like that!
I feel very strongly about this subject having struggled myself with weight issues and seeing other people struggle through them, it breaks my heart that one of the main reasons girls get like they due, is purely because of a picture or a comment someone makes.
Don't be taken in and changed by what you see and hear, you are who you are and however you look, whether your big or small your beautiful as yourself! 
Don't change for anyone!
Just a short post but I wanted you all to see it!

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