Sunday, 8 January 2012

Winter Warmers - Faux or Fur

Fur has caused alot if argument int he world of fashion Whether or not it should even be on the Cat Walk!  I personally prefer my fur faux, it can look just as good as the real thing and its just as warm! 
Whats your opinion?
 I have recently become obsessed with Faux fur! I love it! When ever I see someone in a Faux fur coat or jacket on a bag with it on ANYTHING, I just love it! It looks so cosy and warm and if you from England this week has been awful and warm clothes is all I have been grabbing!
Its Everywhere!
OK so lets not lie, it is expensive to own But I have a Wish list, Don't we all.
This coat is from ASOS! How cute is it!! With the little ears and the pom poms! Now this coat is £80 and I have been waiting for it to go into their winter sale...But just my luck its being carried over into their spring and summer collection! I can't bring myself to pay £80 for it though....Should I?
Other Ideas...
Do you like Faux Fur, or even the real thing, What are you views?

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