Sunday, 29 January 2012

Sunday Rambles - Picture Post - My Week

Its Dark and cold outside and I am inside in my Pajamas with my Yankee Candle 'Soft Blanket' Burning and Harry Potter on my TV! I am very content right now! :) 
OK I will admit now, I am not writing this on Sunday (I am actually at work when this goes up), It is Saturday night right now proximity 18:38. I am at work all day Sunday and then I am out for dinner so I wont have time to Write a Sunday Ramble on Sunday haha but I still wanted to have one up so doing it early and posting it tomorrow (Sunday, wow even I am confused!) I hope you don't mind! :) 
Well I have decided this is going to be a Picture Post :) Pictures of my week! :) I love pictures posts! That's Probably because I am so nosy though! 

Whats you favorite type of post?

1) Watching Harry Potter while I write this :) oh I do love a bit of Harry Potter, definitely my go to films! Which one is your favourite? Mines Deathly Hallows part 1.

2) I went to Matalan this week and brought a mirror to do my make up in, I do already have a mirror but I can get closer to this one so my make up turns out better, it also has a magnified mirror on the other side perfect for eye brow plucking! :) it only cost me £5. Also my 'Soft Blanket' Yankee Candle is burning in front of it :).

3) I ordered the Corn Silk pressed Powder from Amazon. :) After asking on the FB page what Finishing powders where best The lovely Sammy recommended this, I will let you know how I get on with it! :)

4) I have an obsession with scatter cushions and while I was at Matalan I picked up the Paris cushion, How cute is it! :) Next time I go I will be getting a massive furry one! :) 

Most of this week I have been working, I practically feel like I live at work! 
I hope you have all day good weeks and that you don't mind the quick and easy Sunday Rambles post this week. I will be back to normal next week :)

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