Monday, 30 January 2012

No7 - Beautiful Skin Foaming Cleanser - Review

I have been looking for a new cleanser for a long time, but I have been unsuccessful in finding one that works well with my skin. My skin type is very mixed, I have dry patches and oily patches and normal skin, So I  have been looking for a cleanser which will help all parts of my skin.
Well Yet again I have a £5 off voucher for No7 at boots and decided to give this cleanser a go, I had heard good things about it and with £5 off I thought it was worth a try :).

'One simple step to perfectly clean,refreshed, shine free skin'
I got the one for Normal to Oily skin (clearly ^^) and I have to say when I first started using it I was a bit unsure, After the first few times of using it, I had a break out, But this can sometimes happen when you start using a new product due to your skin getting used to it, so I persevered with it and now I love it!
I will start on the packaging, Its very classic No7 which I really like, I think it looks very Professional and it also wouldn't look out of place if you where to just leave it out on your dressing table.
To get the product out there is just a pump on the top which you push all the way down, just like you would to get a moose out. It is very easy to use.
The product itself comes out as a foam (and kinda obvious from the name) it looks like lots and lots of mini soap bubbles and you seriously need hardly anything form it to cover your face, which means it will last a long time!
I use this morning and night, at night I use a make-up wipe first to remove my make-up and then cleanse to remove any make-up that is left on my skin.
The after feeling this Cleanser gives I love. It leaves your skin feeling so silky, soft and tight and clean, it leaves your skin tingling feeling so fresh.

'A gentle soap free foaming cleanser that cleverly dissolves make-up and impurities whilst helping tighten pores to help keep skin looking clear and healthy.'
I have two pumps on my hand in this picture which is the amount that I use but you could get away with just using one, making it last longer.
Another thing I love about this is the smell! I smells so fresh, like a fresh bar of soap, I seriously can't say enough good things about this Cleanser.
It costs £9 from Boots, and I am sure you can get it from any other places that sell No7. I know I will definitely be re-purchasing this!

I hope this review was Helpful :)

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