Sunday, 15 January 2012

Sunday Rambles - Freedom, Photography, Candles

Well good evening my beauties! I hope you have all had a good week, mine has been busy and expensive! I wish Cars weren't so expensive to run! agh! but so worth it, love having my freedom back!
So one of my best friends has started a Blog Wooo :D her name is Kirsty and she loves photography so she now has a blog where she will be showing her photos :) I suggest you all go and follow her, she is so good and such a lovely person! :) Just click on the photo below to go to her blog! :)
AHH I am so cold!! I really don't like winter ha bring on summer that's what I say, its my 21st this summer so I need to make plans :) Do you have anything planned for this summer? Going on holiday? Wish I was, can't afford that this year sadly, Oh I ordered a new candle from Yankee Candle, I think its a new one out, its called 'Soft Blanket' Oh my it smells so nice, it smells so clean and fresh I love it, now one of my new favorites. and the picture so so cute....
So just short post tonight, I am so sleepy and have to get up for work tomorrow...I hope this week is good for you all...What are you all getting up to this week?
What do you all think to the whole replying to comments thingy, I actually really like it, I have wanted something like that on here for ages YAY :D
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