Thursday, 12 January 2012

New year... New Room

I have been wanting to redecorate my room for months! but I have never had the money or time to do it. I am so Picky when it comes come furniture and fabrics so I have I have been looking around and found some amazing Bedroom furniture, I now have so many ideas! I can't wait to get started :)
My room is quiet small, so I normally find it very hard to find nice beds. I love the film 'bed knobs and broom sticks' and i have always wanted a bed like the one in it, but I didn't want anything on the end. In this years NEXT Spring/Summer catalog I found this bed! I fell in love as soon as I saw it!
This bed in Single only costs £150 which I think is so good!
I also love wall art, I currently don't have much on my walls and I want to get a few cute statement pieces. This I love! I Love the saying and how it has been created to look! It almost looks home made! I may even try to recreate this myself as this is quiet expensive for what it is, £30 also in the NEXT Spring/Summer catalog.
I recently came across a beautiful furniture online store called 'thedormyhouse' They do amazing pieces of furniture! This cute little bed side table I found on there is perfect for my room! I love the little draws! Everry bit or storage space in always helpful, for any girl. The little table if  ordered unstained and unpainted costs £160, however if you the company to paint and protect it it costs extra, You can also choose the handles you want on it. I chose for it to be in White antique with brass knobs to match the bed! This would cost £265! (I seriously have a lot of saving to do)
This mirror is also from the same site! I have always wanted a floor length mirror but I just can't find one anywhere! But how stunning is this!! Sadly I will probably never own it as it cost £450!! I know right!! Again you can pick What colour you want it to be painted, I think this is such a good idea because it makes it easier to find a piece of furniture! How often have you found something perfect but the colour just woudn't work!
The sad news is I will probably never get some of these things, but the bed I am currently saving for and I will work from there! :) I am also looking for a pretty wallpaper, do any of you know a good place to get wallpaper from?

This is my dream room!! Whats your dream room!
Happy Decorating!

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