Sunday, 1 January 2012

HOTD - Hair Bow

Lately I have been obsessed with bows I love anything to do with bows, bows on clothes, bows in textiles, bow head bands everything

 So the other day I was playing around with my hair and also after reading 'NewEnglandRomance's recent post on hair bows I was trying it out myself and came out with this...
 Its not the nest qulity picture because I don't have a camera atm, but I loved how my bow turned out and how easy it was to do!!
  1. Tie your hair into a ponytail but one looser than you would normally.
  2. Take a small bit from the top of the ponytail and pin it out of the way on the top of you head.
  3. Then tie your ponytail into a loop pony.
  4. Split the loop in half and pin into place
  5. The bit you look out of the ponytail, now pull over the middle of the two parts
  6. then just fiddle around with it until it sits and looks exactly how you want it and hairspray it!
I never used to be able to do things like this my hair was always too short and thin, but I recently Changed my hair care and wow has it made a difference! 
Its the easy! :) I love it, it can be worn for everyday or be dressed up and worn for formal events!
If you give it a go I would love to see pictures so tweet me! 
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