Sunday, 1 January 2012

Christmas Haul

Hello Pretties, Well this post is going to my Christmas present haul, not all of them, just of my favourite no exciting presents. I know its late, but I was very unsure whether or not to go this post, I know how some people see these as boasting, but I can promise you I'm not! I am so greatfull for everything I resieved. Also I love reading posts like this myself, my thats my nosy side... Well I hope you enjoy reading this post and I hope Santa brought you everything you wished for! 
First of all, from my Mum and step dad I got these riding style boots, I love them! I have wanted a pair for ages!

 I got this from my Aunt and Uncle, they clearly know me very well! I have already tried some of these out and I will soon be showing a few of the designs on my other Blog PollyPockets Nail Bar.

This was from My Mum! how cute is it!! Tea Cup lap! Its hand made, but I am unsure as to where she got it from, I will try and find a web link, I think the lady that makes them had a site.

From the most amazing boyfriend ever I got a Polaroid Camera, I have seriously wanted one of these for ages! I am so excited to use it!
Finally from my Dad I got the new Kindle, I love to read but normal books for some reason books make my eyes hurt, but reading from the Kindle I can read for hours! I am currently reading James Corden's book 'My I Have Your Attention Please?' Its so good!
I have had a lovely Christmas and New year, a quiet one :)I hope the new year brings many wonderful things your way!!
I love you all and adore reading your blogs!


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