Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Ask me Anything - Answers

Well Good afternoon my lovelies, How horrid had the weather been lately! But beautiful things do come out of the horrible weather.
Its awful quality because I took it on my phone, But I had to get a picture! :) After a serious down pour, this cheered me up! :)
Right onto what this post is for! As you may remember before Christmas I posted a ask me anything post and a few people left me some very hard questions and I am now going to attempt to answer them, I will also link the blogs of the people who asked me questions :)
Here goes...

Sophie from Flirty Dresses asked me 2 questions
1) What made you start you Blog?
Well I have wanted to make either a Blog or a YouTube channel for a very long time, But I am far to shy and self conscious to do YouTube, so the next best thing is a blog, and I love it! 
2) Can you pinpoint a life changing event and explain what it was and how it changed you?
WOW what a question Sophie! trust you to ask one like this! Well I was recently diagnosis with Arthritis, This is very rare to happen in a 20/21 year old, but it has to me, This has changed my life because my whole life my dream has been to be an actress in the WestEnd, I have danced Sung and acted for more than half my life and now I don't dance (for now) and I haven't done anything on stage for about a year. I still sing, but that doesn't have to take much movement does it.

Claire from Happy Adventures asked me a few questions about Christmas sorry I am a bit late to answer them ones But I will do a gift guide next year :) (a long way off I know). She also asked..
1) What to buy men for Christmas/Birthday's?
Well I also Find it pretty hard to buy for men! The only thing I can suggest is stick to the easy things! Hobbies, Interests, I brought my Boyfriend for Christmas this year A few vintage Comics, Which I picked up from a vintage fair a visited a few months ago, I also got him a LUSH gift box, Yes odd I know for men, But men can enjoy them as well! :) I will do a mens Gift guide also soon :) and will do a bit more research for it.
2) How do you keep up with Ballet?
Well If you have read the answer to Sophies Question you will know lately I havent been dancing, but I am hopeing to be going back soon, Before I stopped however I had Private lessons once a week in my town, I loved it!!
3) Have you done anything big?
I am guessing this questions is about performing and stuff, The biggest thing I have done and loved was a few years ago I went to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival Which takes place in the summer, where loads of different performers well known and not well known go to just perform and watch others! Its amazing!!! I went with the youth Theatre group I was in and we performed Buddy the Musical, Which if you didn't know is a musical about the life of Buddy Holly! A truly amazing musical and soo much fun! 

4)What are your plans?
My dream is to be on the WestEnd and I will get there Eventually!!

Maja Dahl from Your reading my mind asked me.
1) Who inspired you to start your blog?
I have always watch YouTube videos and from there I discovered Blogger and because I am not amazingly confident I felt that this was my way to help play my part! :)

Thank you for your questions :) if you want to ask me anything else leave them as a comment to this post :)


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