Sunday, 18 December 2011

Sunday Rambles- Wrapping, Snow, Thank you.

Good evening Ladies :) I hope you are all  having a lovely Sunday! Only 1 week to go! 
How is everyones Christmas Shopping and Wrapping going? Mine is pretty much done! Yay no more stress!! 

I spent my Saturday off Wrapping them all, OK so I didn't need to wrap 4 of them, but the others I did, I love the whole vintage brown wrapping and ribbon look, so that's what I did, as you can see haha and the presents inside the bags are also all wrapped like that :) I would of preferred to use thicker ribbon but this was all I could find. Yes the little present in the middle is for my little kitty :) also you would never guess but the present in the 'Cars' bag is for my 23 year old brother! haha.
How have you wrapped your presents?
Who has had Snow? it snowed a little bit in Cambridge on Friday and a little bit today but it hasn't settled, the ground is just too wet! not that I mind, it can snow when I didn't have to go to work lol, so Christmas day it can snow! Don't get me wrong I do love the snow, but not when I have to travel in it! I get so scared driving in the snow and even more scared on buses, also the buses normally brake down!
I really want to spend a Christmas in a log cabin like this! with a real fire and a massive real Christmas tree! How perfect would that be! Whats your idea of a perfect Christmas?
Sorry this is only a short Rambles I have been very busy this week and was also at work today, so I am seriously tired. Thank you so much to all my Guest bloggers this week, you have been a great help!
All your Posts where amazing! Just like Your blogs!
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