Saturday, 17 December 2011

Christmas Favourites Tag

Hello Ladies, So my first crazy week at work is over for a day, so after seeing this Tag on XxDollyBlossom I thought it was so cute and wanted to do it myself :).
I hope you are all having a good Christmas so far :) only 9 days till the big day :)
1)Favourite Christmas song?
My favourite song changes every year, but this year it has to be the one and only Michael Buble with 'It's beginning to look alot like Christmas'! :) I adore his voice so much!

2)Christmas Colour?
It has to be red! I wear red nail varnish all through Christmas, lots of different shades of it, and I love wearing red lippy, when I have the confident too haha! But I also love the frosty colours of Christmas Silvers and Whites I think White Christmas trees with Silver decorations looks so pretty!

3)Favourite Reindeer?
No surprises here really it has to be Rudolph! his just so cute :)

4)Favourite Christmas drink?
This year I have discovered Toffee Nut Lattes at starbucks! they are amazing I seriously have one everyday! love them!

5)Favourite Christmas food?
I love all the snacky things has Christmas the 'nibbles' as we call them haha :) and of course all the sweeties :)

6)Favourite Christmas Movie?
ELF!! watch it every year now :) and Love Actually, I only watch it at Christmas I refuse to watch it at any other time of year!

7)Christmas eve or Christmas day?
Well as I am normally working on Christmas eve it has to be Christmas day.

8)Favourite thing to do at Christmas?
Watch lots of Christmas movies :) and I seriously love wrapping presents :) This year I have brought every one a really pretty box for all their presents to get in, then wrapped them in brown paper and put bright ribbon around it :) 

9)Favourite Christmas memory?
When I was little on Christmas eve night, when everyone had gone to sleep, I used to lay on the floor with my ear pressed against the floor, I was trying to hear Santa down stairs! I used to wake up on the floor ha! To cute!

10)Favourite Christmas Tradition?
Even though me and my Brother are 20 and 23 we still get stockings at the end of our beds on Christmas morning :) I love this! my stocking has a penguin on it! of course haha :)

This Tag so much fun to do! I tag you all to do it! :)
I hope everyones Christmas shopping is going well!
Remember there will be a Sunday Rambles Tomorrow! It will be up late though because guess what yup, I'm at work during the day! Basicly live there atm!


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