Sunday, 4 December 2011

Sunday Rambles - New Hair, Cold Days, Christmas Decorations.

I finally got my hair done yesterday! It was defiantly needed! I haven't had a hair cut since July! I normally get my hair at least trimmed every 6 weeks, but never had the time to lately, But its finally done :) I want to go blonde, I did try a few months ago to do it myself, I used the 'Colour B4' stuff then I put on a blonde dye. (I did a blog post on this), my hair did go blonde, however it didn't take long for it to go orangey. Not Good! I had foils Yesterday, I love how it turned out, but now I think I want to go blonder! I don't want to be platinum blonde, Just a really light Honey Blonde. I will be doing a post in the week just on my hair will before and after pictures and I will do one again when I go blonder! :)
Seriously How cold has it been this week! I really need to get a proper winter coat! I have been wearing my leather jacket but it really doesn't keep me warm, I have also had a massive scarf and mittons and ear muffs!! I don't like the cold! Not when I have to go out in it. I really want to get some UGGs to keep my toes warm when I am waiting for the bus! got a lot of saving to do for them though because I don't like the fake ones! they never keep their shape and honestly just look awful!
Who has their Christmas decorations up?
I don't yet, we put ours up on the 12th because its my dad's birthday, But when is the proper time to put them up, Whens to early and when really late? Does anyone not have Christmas decs? We don't have many, we don't put any outside the house or in the windows, just have have a Christmas tree, which we always have chocolate on :) and Christmas balls we had when me and my brother had when we were little :). We also Hang all the Christmas cards we get on a bit of string on the wall :) Thats all we do because my kitten has a habit of breaking the decorations! Do you go all out for Christmas decorations??

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