Friday, 2 December 2011

Just A Quick Hello

Hello ladies I hope you have all had a lovely Friday! 
I just wanted to make this post to say sorry for the lake of posts lately I have just been mega busy at work, with it being Christmas time I have soo many hours and I have been coming home and going straight to bed!
yes lazy I know!

But I have been posting on my other blog
so please make sure you go over and check it out. I have been posting on there and on here because nail posts and quick and easy to do, so I have been doing a few before I drift off to dream land :)
More post will be coming soon I promise and even if I don't post during the week there will always be a Sunday ramble because I don't work on a Sunday :)
Thank you to everyone who has been leaving me lovely comments and tweeting me :) i love reading them all and hearing from you.

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I love you all!!

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