Friday, 9 December 2011

Guest Blogger - It could be you! :)

Well Hello ladies! :) How are you all? I have Missed you all!! I have still been reading all your amazing blogs, just not posted my own :( sad times.
So I have come up with a plan! 
Everyone wants more people to see their Blogs and one of the best ways is through other peoples blogs, Yes!? so I want 4 or 5 of you wonderful people to do guest posts on my blog this week! :)
would you like that?
 The next 2 weeks I am mega busy put really don't want to neglect my blog.
If you would like to do a guest post please leave me a comment below, saying what you would like to do your post about?, 
Tweet me your idea @CaraLouise91 
Email me :) 

I am hoping the first guest post will be up on Monday! 
Hope your all getting on ok with your Christmas Shopping :)

Love always

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