Saturday, 10 December 2011

Sunday Ramble - Silly Kitty, BlackBerry, Winter Moon

Well good afternoon beautiful people! <3
Its that time of the week again when I just type about anything and everything :) Do you ladies like these posts? I love doing them! They seem to be the posts I get most feedback for :) Love reading your comments! 
 Lets get going with this! :)
So some sad news, my brothers hamster went to hamster heaven yesterday, I guess from the title your all thinking my little kitty did it, but no! it was the cold weather! the sudden change in temp made her to go into hibernation, which home hamsters apparently aren't meant to do. Anyway back to why I started Talking about this! We cleaned out all the Hamster stuff  like the cage and everything in the cage and we put after it had dried we left it on the floor ready to put it away, now when we went back into the bathroom to go get it this is what we found...
Aurora had crawled behind it haha! she doesn't look to impressed that I took a picture but I thought it was so cute! She stayed there for ages and went to sleep haha! Love her! I still can't believe how big she has got though, when I first got her she was TINY!! 
Seeing the phone in that picture had reminded me of how much I hate my blackberry right now! ahh Seriously can't stand it, it keeps freezing now and I have to take the battery out for it to work again, twitter and facebook are stupidly slow and sometimes don't work on it! But I have till May left on the contract!!!! ahhh, Do any of you know a way I can end the contract so I can get an iPhone, can you end contracts before they end? I don't think I can take anything 6/5 months with this thing! agh! it drives me mad, even texts don't send sometimes or I don't get texts and Phone calls! Driving me crazy!!
Get this in my hands now!! Yes I wish to own the white one :)
On a happier note :) how amazing has the moon been looking in the winter sky. Thats one thing that I love about Winter, the moon always looks beautiful! 
I love the haze that it always has around it and how bright and big it looks in the sky! I love it when there are few clouds in the sky I think it makes the sky look really spooky haha :) and I do love a good horror movie!
I am so still my jammies doing this! :) today is my last day off still Christmas so i am making the most of it! :) speaking of which, keep an eye out for guest posts, the first one being buy the wonderful Sophie from Flirty Dresses, It should be up either tomorrow or Tuesday :)
I hope you all have a lovely Sunday.
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