Monday, 12 December 2011

Guest Post #1 - Sophie from Flirty Dresses

Happy Monday ladies, So my mad few weeks at work have begun and here is my first Guest post, the beautiful Sophie from Flirty Dresses seriously go and check her blog out! i love it!! and I know you will too!
Take it away Sophie :)
Hi everyone!!! 
When the lovely Cara asked if I wanted to do a guest post, I jumped at the chance. I adore her blog and she is such a genuine, gorgeous, warm hearted person who never fails to make me smile!
I spent the entire of Friday evening and all day Saturday deciding what to post about. I had several ideas floating about but none of them really excited me or got me motivated to write and who wants to read something dull anyway?! Haha! (The ideas I had if you are interested was my skin care routine and my MUA lipstick collection - Its an obsession!)

After finishing my christmas shopping, eating my first mince pie of the season and listening to Michael Buble's christmas album I thought it would be a good idea to talk about my favourite nail colours for the christmas season!! I am a huge nail varnish fan and I know Cara is as well so I'm pretty sure she will approve of this post! 
(I approve!)
It was a bit of a struggle trying to narrow it down so that I dont bore you guys but I finally managed to reduce my collection to 5 colours! Haha. 

From left to right we have: Collection 2000 '15 - Damson Jam, Rimmel '819 - Green with Envy', Rimmel '239 - Your Majesty', Claires Accessories 'Black Glitter', 17 'Risky Red'
Im sure you will all agree, these colours are perfect for the christmas season! Sorry about the swatching on paper, I only painted my nails yesterday so thought I would swatch on paper instead of taking off and reapplying my nail varnish. Is that lazy?!
(No I would so do the same! You can guarantee it would go wrong if you reapplied haha)
Damson Jam is my favourite out of all of these, it is sort of a red/purple and more subtle than a bright red. I would perhaps team this with the Claires Accessories glitter polish to give it that added christmassyness. Green with Envy and Risky Red arent colours that I find myself reaching for on a regular basis because I tend to find them more difficult to wear as they are so bright but they are totally lovely at christmas! Your Majesty is probably one of my favourite nail polishes EVER. I am forever wearing it as it is gorgeous and easy to apply!

What do you ladies think of my choices? If you want a more indepth review or decent nail swatches then just let Cara know and hopefully she will invite me back to write them up for you all. 
(of course I will!)

Love and stuff

                                            Thank you :)
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