Sunday, 27 November 2011

Sunday Ramble - Christmas Talk

Boyfriend is at work again so its ramble time :)

One of the things I seriously love about the Christmas season is watching all the films on TV, I love snuggling on the sofa with a hot water bottle and a hot chocolate and a good Christmas film on, My favourite is 'The Polar Express' adore that film!
I only saw it for the first time last Christmas! (I know crazy right) and I fell in love with it! I love Tom Hanks as a an actor and he plays most of the characters in the this film, Win Win if you ask me :). I also seriously love 'Elf' I watch that film all year round not just at Christmas!
Whats your favourite Christmas film?

I have started my Christmas shopping too now, well actually I started it a while ago, I like to start it early to avoid the rush and crowds later on, I really don't like really busy shops it stresses me out. I have done a lot of it online, so much easier! The only bad thing about starting it early is I get so excited to see peoples reactions to what I have brought them :) I am so bad at keeping things secret! I am doing well this year though! fingers crossed I don't blurt it out before Christmas morning!
I hope your not getting stressed over Christmas shopping! :)

Whats on top of your Christmas Wish List this year? Mine is the new Kindle
I love to read, but books make my eyes hurt! my step dad had the older kindle and I used it the other day and it makes such a difference! Also the kindle would be so much easier to carry around with me! I can just see myself sat in Starbucks with my toffee nut latte reading on my kindle! :) I would use my step dads but he thinks I brake everything electrical! (I don't he just has no faith!).

December starts this week so remember to open the first door on your advent calender! I have an advent Candle so I will be lighting it and burning down to one on Wednesday morning :)


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