Thursday, 15 December 2011

Guest Post #2 - Cory from A little dash of spice.

I love this girl! and her blog  'Little Dash of Spice' seriously go and follow her :) she is such a lovely girl! so glad to now have her as a friend!
Take it away sweetie! :)

Hi girlies, the lovely Cara has asked me to guest post on her blog (excuse me while I do a double take at that) and I thought I would keep this post in theme with the season. So I thought I would do a Christmas Survival List.

Firstly we all know at this time of year we eat and drink way to much food and alcohol.  So tip number 1! Make sure every morning you have a pint of cold water and then a drink of boiled water – keeping your body hydrated and your skin looking fresh!

Secondly – we all know sometimes you just can’t escape the clutches of mistletoe – and if you’re single you don’t want to be snogging a guy with sore lips now do you? So tip number 2! Exfoliate the lips at the end of every night. It’s quick and easy, as soon as you finish brushing your teeth so just brush your lips and bobs your uncle, smooth lips! Can I ask who bob is?? 

Tip number 3! Is makeup related girlies. Everyone must be stressing at what makeup to wear on Christmas day to make sure they look their best. My advice would be to plan ahead what you think you will wear! Take note of the colours, if your outfit is greys and blacks and silvers, gold and brown eye shadow won’t look right, match your makeup with your outfit. A smokey eye would go great with greys, silvers, whites and blacks.

Tip number4! Try and eat some fresh fruit to even out all the sweets, cakes, desserts, leftovers, chocolate, crisps (I LIKE JUNKFOOD) you will eat. Everyone pigs out and then moans about putting weight on but you can balance that out ;)

We all know Christmas is busy so tip number 5! make sure you have some down time! It will help relax you and come NewYears eve you won’t fall asleep at midnight! Don’t miss the magic and the midnight kiss! You could have a bath and snuggle down in pajamas.

Finally, and most importantly, and even I forget this and regret it later, but Christmas seems to fly by and before you know it it’s past NewYear’s we are all at work, University or back to normal life and forget the memories. Tip 6! Make sure you take pictures, remember your Uncle drunk or your Grandma’s smile at her present. Don’t forget to take a family picture to treasure forever.

So there are some tips and tricks to let Christmas be magical! Once again thankyou to the gorgeous and sweet Cara for asking me to guest blog for her!
: ) all images are from weheartit.
Love and stuff,
Cory J

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