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Guest Post #3 - Claire Louise - XxDollyBlossom

So here is Guest post number 2 and it the beautiful Claire Louise from XxDollyBlossom. I'll give you all some advise! Go and follow her she is such a lovely girl and her blog is so cute I love it!
I have read though her post and I love it! I love Scrapbooking too! :) Thank you so much Sophie! This is an amazing post!
Right now you lovely ladies get reading :D xxx 

A Scrapbook Is A Girls Best Friend!

Hello! I'm Claire Louise and I blog over at XxDollyBlossom. When Cara Louise asked me to do a guest post on her blog I was so excited but had a mass panic about what to blog about because I'd never done one before and had no idea what to write about, I nearly had a breakdown ha! But I thought I would share with you how my scrapbook has become my life Bible!

Do you buy magazines and never end up throwing them away because there's always something in them you want to keep? I used to be like that until I went to University and found my room in halls was nothing more than a cupboard. I knew it was time to part with the boxes and boxes of my beloved magazines, some of them from years ago eek!

I wanted to keep certain pages or snippets from each one. Every since I was little I had always had a diary or scrapbook so I thought why not cut the bits out and have a scrapbook with everything in! I was straight to my local Paperchase to purchase a notebook which would do the job! Now its my scrapbook on my shelf rather than boxes of old magazines!

So this is my scrapbook Bible and some of the things I have in...
I love the butterflies and all the beautiful colours!
This page is basically a mass I saw these and want them! Scrapbooks are great for creating wish lists. I'm addicted to shopping, it makes me happy in a way I can't explain I just love spending money but I find I don't binge shop as much! Sticking things I want into the scrapbook makes me feel like in some way I now own them! It gives me as much of a rush as going out and buying them would so I end up saving money from not actually going shopping! 
I also stick in beauty tips and any internet/shop advertisements I might want to take a look in the future. 

I have not shown you in any of the pictures (because I'm ashamed of my shabby handwriting)  but I write the date at the top of the page every time I stick things in. This means my scrapbook becomes almost like a visual diary. I think it will be interesting to look back in years to come at what my fashion sense and wants were like!  Plus you will be surprised at how much you can tell about what mood you were in by looking back at what you stuck in. For example if I'm feeling insecure it will most likely me exercise and diet tips! 
I've recently started a wedding scrapbook! This has been a huge help in planning my wedding. Also another cute notebook from Paperchase!
Do you keep a scrapbook?
Are you ready to let go of those old magazines and make your own Bible?
I hope your enjoyed my very first guest post, thank you for reading it!

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