Saturday, 12 November 2011

Yankee Candle - Clean Cotton

Now its getting dark earlier and its getting lets face it pretty cold! You want to start making your home nice and cosy and warm, so put on your big woolly socks your over sized jumpers and light a candle. 
I love Candles I always have one burning in my room, I find them so relaxing and calming, they also make me feel so warm and cosy in this weather. My favorite candle cent in is vanilla (yes i know how boring, but that's just me) However I currently have 'Clean Cotton' burning in my room. This smell is just  amazing, it makes the room smell so fresh and I know I keep saying it but when I have this candle lit and I walk into my room, it makes me want to just curl up in warm soft clothes with loads of big cushions and pillows all around me with a nice book and relax :)
It is a very 'easy' smell, its not the kind of smell that only a few people would like, I would say everyone would love this smell, its such a simple smell. :)
Yankee Candle are currently having an 'up to 50% off' sale selected items, a lot of their Christmas candles are in this sale, and so is clean cotton :)

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