Thursday, 24 November 2011

Boots Haul

Hello beautiful people, so I missed my bus today after work, (bad times)) and this left me with an hour to kill, I made the mistake of going into boots! (it always ends in me spending money).
I picked up a few things some I needed and some I just really wanted, I thought I would show you what I got :).
No surprises that there is nail varnish in my purchases! I will be doing posts on them over on my other Blog PollyPocket's nail bar soon and I will link them next to the photos.
I have wanted a dry shampoo for ages!! For those days you really don't want to wash your hair, I had heard  and read really good reviews on this one so picked it up to try out myself :) it was £2.99
The nail varnish remover was something I needed so I don't feel so guilty about buying that, but I saw the 'rapid dry for nails' spray and couldn't resist! I am always having trouble when I paint my nails, (I always seem to need the toilet as soon as I have painted them) So I thought I would give this a go, I will let you know how I get on. I also got this brand because they are currently on buy one get one half price.
Nail Polish remover - £2.65
Rapid Dry - £3.65
This again was something I needed! :) I love wearing red nail polish it is defiantly my go to nail colour! Whats yours?
Now this I just love!! I have seem it a few times but never picked it up, clearly today I did :) Its beautiful! There is a review over on my other blog HERE :)
I hadn't ever heard of this until today! I know crazy right! I love the current trend of the whole matte nail look and now you can make any of your nail polishes matte :) you simply just paint this over the top as a top coat! :) When I have done a review on my other Blog I will link it HERE. :)

I am so happy with my buys today :) cheered me up in the horrid cold weather! I seriously think its going to be ear muff weather soon!
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