Sunday, 20 November 2011

Rambles - Foggy Mornings, Xbox Widow, Holidays.

Hello Beautiful Ladies how are you all on this foggy and rather cold Sunday afternoon, how have you all spent your weekend? So I have a few hours on my own now because I am at my Boyfriends and he is at work, I wanted to do a blog post but did't know what to do here because I don't have my own laptop with me or my camera so I went through some photos on his laptop and decided to do a 'ramble' post. 
I am thinking of making this kind of post a weekly thing, so every Sunday I do a 'Ramble' post where I just write about random topics...What do you think?

Well Today I woke up and couldn't see outside the window, it was so foggy!! I love mornings like this but only when I don't have to go out in it :) I love it when the grass and the trees go all white from the frost and the cobwebs do too! I think it looks beautiful!
But when I actually have to go out in it, I hate it!! I must look so funny when I go out in the cold, I wear a big coat, a big scarf, mittens, and sometimes even ear muffs! :) I wrap up VERY warm!! I would much rather sit inside with my woolly socks on and my slippers in my woolly oversized jumper on with a nice cup of tea and some HobNobs, and just look at it out the window! :)

Another thing I don't really like about this cold weather is that my Boyfriend tends to spend most of his day sat on his bloody Xbox!!! ahhh I can't stand that thing!! They should never have been invented. Ok maybe thats a bit much, but I still don't like them! haha. I have come to know it as being an 'Xbox Widow' when his playing it, one word answers, groans, and nods of the head, thats all I get as reply when he is playing it and the games are so depressing haha!, all the ones I have seen you just shoot people! Although it must be a good destresser!
How many of you girls feel the same!!
Wow this really is a Ramble haha.
All this cold weather is making me want to go on holiday, this year I went to turkey with my best friend, boyfriend and 2 of his best mates, we went to Turkey! WOW it is beautiful there! Seriously hoping to go back there next year.
So While I sit here watching Jack Frost, I will leave you with some warm and sunny photos to try and make you all feel a bit warmer. :)
I hope you all have a lovely rest of your weekend and that Monday Morning isn't too bad!!

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Love you all!!

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