Friday, 4 November 2011

Lush Soap

Well I will be honest I have a very unhealthy love for Lush products! I have to go into the store when ever I go shopping just to re-smell things :)

I recently brought 2 of their soaps and yet again i have fallen in love.

 This is 'Honey I Washed the Kids' as you can tell it smells of honey! Honey is on of my favourite cents i cant get enough of it. It has Honey-come on the end and I love the effect this gives. The smell itself is subtle and gentle . As a soap it is moisturizing, however isn't the most moisturizing Lush soap I have used. This soap however is still for certain in my top 5 :)

I then went shopping online and brought another one.
 This is 'Porridge' it has real bits of oats in it which are amazing as an exfoliater and the oils are amazing for your skin. Just from holding this soap in your fingers you can tell it is going to be amazing for your skin, it feels so silky and moist in your fingers.This is the most moisturizing soap i have ever used! I think this could even be my favourite Lush soap EVER!! :)  

Whats your favorite Lush product?

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