Friday, 2 September 2011

Simple Exfoliating Facial wipes

I have recently started using Simples Exfoliating wipes. My Boyfriend's sister introduced me to them.
They are amazing.

I don't know id they are new out, but they are new to me and I don't think I could live without them now, they leave your face feeling so soft and refreshed, so clean. Since I have started using them all the spots i once had have gone and no more have returned, also my make up looks so much better with a fresh clean face underneath.

Simple goodness
pro-vitamin B5-actively restores, softens ans smooths
Vitamin E-moisturises to improve skin condition
Aloe Vera-soothes and conditions
No perfume and No colour-No unnecessary or harsh chemicals so it wont upset your skin.

The wipes themselves have an exfoliating side and a soft smooth side, which removes your make up.

They say that the best way to use the wipes is to use the exfoliating side first on your face and neck and thento turn it around and use the soft side on your face neck and eyes to remove your make up. I personally have found that using a normal make up wipe ( I use Johnsons facial cleansing wipes for normal skin) to remove my make up first, then using and exfoliating wipe, then turning it it over to use the softer side to remove any make up that remains.

I am defiantly going to be repurchasing these wipe, and recommend them to you!


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