Sunday, 4 September 2011

How I spent my Sunday

Well I had nothing to do this Sunday, so I decided to make something. Thanks the the amazing imagination of my best friend who made some amazing cushions a few weeks ago. My only problem being that had no fabric to make anything, so I found an old dress that I don't where any more and used the pretty flowery fabric to make a Cushion.

The dress I used was just a plain pencil skirt dress, it had two layers of the flowery fabric over the skirt, I used the largest piece to make the Cushion. 

I love this fabric, its so pretty and vintage, its really soft too and very easy to work with

To start with I measured the fabric to the size I wanted, I didn't want a massive cushion so I only measured the fabric 33cm by 33cm. I then cut the fabric and tacked it together with some pins, I find this helps me when it comes to using the sewing machine, its stops the material from moving around.
After sewing the fabric together, only sewing 3 of the sides, the side I didn't sew I folded over and used bondaweb to stick down the edge to create a neater edge to the cushion.
I then hand sewed on 4 buttons and 4 bits of ribbon to use as a way to close the cushion, I liked this idea better than a zip.

  I added a cute little dove pin at the end, just to add a little bit to it =]

I hope you like it =], its nothing special and not amazingly well made, but I like it and to be honest I am rather proud aha =], it will have a place on my bed.

Keep creative =]



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