Thursday, 25 August 2011

Colour B4

About a year ago I dyed my hair red, ever since I have been trying to get my hair back to its original colour.
I have found out that red it is the hardest colour to keep maintained and also the hardest colour to remove!!
I have tried everything;
  • My hair dresser told me to try using a cheap shampoo and conditioner to try and make it fade out. 
  • I tried dying it, which would work to start with, however after a few weeks would always fide back to the same orangey colour.
  • I tried just leaving to to grow out, but that looked awful.

Until Now!!

Yesterday I got the courage to use the 'Colour B4' remover, i have always been a bit wary about using hair dye removers, I have always been told that they ruin your hair, making it thin, and dry, making it really damaged.
However I had heard good things about this product, one of my friends had used it and i also watch a YouTube video on it.


I used the weaker one because I was still a bit nervous about using it.
My Boyfriends sister helped me do it, (I am not very good at put dye in my own hair). There are 3 parts to it.

You mixed parts A and B together and shake just like you would with ah hair dye (part A really smells), you then apply the mixture all over your head again just like a normal hair dye. You then leave this on for 25 minutes, (on the box it says to stay out of cold places and out of wind).
After 35 minutes you can then wash it off. To this stage there are 4 steps.You use part C for this step too,

  1. rinse out for 5 minutes with warm water
  2. put Half of part C into your hair and leave for 2 minutes
  3. rinse for a further 5 minutes with warm water
  4. put the rest of part C in and leave for 2 minutes then wash for 10 minutes

I was left with very bright blonde hair, so it doesn't give you back your natural colour, however it does remover any hair dye you have left in your hair.

I would suggest you have a hair dye that you want waiting to use after, just in case you don't like the colour the remover has turned your hair.
I had a dye that was the same colour as my natural hair to put on after.

I am so happy with the results and would recommend to people.

Hope you have a happy hair day



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