Monday, 12 September 2011

Matte NailWear - Avon

Hello Lovelies, So I have never tried a matte nail varnish before, partly because I have never found a colour that I like, But then my latest Avon catalogue came through the post. They have come out with some beautiful colours, so I decided to give some a go.

 Inky Blue && Red Velvet

These colours are stunning!

Red Velvet is a Rosey pink colour and have gold fleck in it, giving it a beautiful golden shine when the light reflects it.

If you don't like the matte effect from this nail varnish you can put a coat of clear over the top, this makes the it look very glittery, therefore losing the matte effect.

Inky Blue is a royal blue, with purple flecks in it, giving the effect in some lights that it is a purple nail varnish. In the bottle this nail varnish also looks purple, after putting in on my nails you get a much more rich blue.

I will definitely be ordering more colours from this collection.
Each nail varnish is £3.50 each

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