Thursday, 28 August 2014

Ponytail tips for Thin Flat hair

Hello PPB's

I have been along sufferer of thin hair, and it sucks! I watch all these amazing hair tutorials and know for well I will never achieve that look with the hair on my head. So this is for all of your lovelies or are just like me and would be very grateful to just have a thicker looking perkier ponytail.

There are 2 tips and they are both so super easy! All you need is 1 bobble 1 bobby pin (or 2 its up to you) 1 little clear elastic and dry shampoo or texturising powder if needed :)

This is what my hair looks like in a normal ponytail and today was a good pony day!
All in all not much hight and as the day goes on, it would just get droopy and limp and also fall down my head.

Tip 1 - Push up bobby pin
This is the most simple of the 2, all you need is your normal hair bobble and the bobby pin, you can use 2 but thats completely up to you, I find 2 shows through my pony but one is hidden perfectly as you will see.
So all you do simple is put you hair up in a normal pony tail like you always do and then slide the bobby pin down down the hair bobble and down the back of your head. See its like its not even there but it does this!
It lifts your pony making it look thicker and also holds it in place all day!! I love a high pony and I like it to stay where I put it!!

Tip 2 - Double Ponytail
This one is still very simple but there are a few more steps. :) This is the one I use most as I prefer the results it gives.

  1. First I like to use the XXL Volume dry shampoo by Batiste, I spray it only hands and rub it into my roots but so my hair has something to grip on to.
  2. Then you want to use the clear elastic and put your hair into a half up half down style, making sure that the pony you create is nice a high on your head, or where ever you want your pony to sit.
  3. Now you want to bring the rest of your hair up to that pony, I find it much easier to do this by tipping my hair upside down and brush it up, Then just tie it all together with the normal bobble.
  4. I like to pull a few bits out around my face just to frame it and there you go...
I love how this looks :) You can also use the bobby pin in the same away as you did before with this to hold the pony in place all day and to give a bit more poof and the top :)

I hope this has been a little helpful. For a better look at how to do them make sure to watch my video below its easier to follow when you watch someone do it, I think so anyway:) 

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