Monday, 4 August 2014

My 5 Most Used - Lipsticks

Hello PPB's :)

I don't know about you but I love a good lipstick and I have made a nice collection (Well I think so anyway) So I thought I would share with you my 5 most used ones :) Basically my 5 favourites :)
As you will see I adore MAC lipsticks I really do think they are some of the best lipsticks around, okay they are on the pricier side but for a high street lippy I think you get high end quality. Then there is a cheeky Lancôme one just tucked in there :)

You can see this is my most used lipstick out of them all, I turn to this pretty much every day, even no make up days I will still probably have this on my lips. It's such an easy colour to wear and its my 'my lips but better' colour. I have mentioned it quiet a few times on PPB already too. It's very moisturising on and looks great with a nude or pinky lip gloss over the top.

I think this is actually the newest addition to my collection but it really has quickly become a favourite. I wanted a light pink lipstick, but I rally can't pull off baby lips they just really don't work on I asked at the Lancôme stand what she would suggest and this was the first one we tried. It's more of a dusty pink and its quite shear making it nice and subtle on my lips. There is also a tiny bit of shimmer in it which catches the light beautiful and just gives me a healthy looking lip....we all was healthy looking lips right..

The camera has made this look a lot 'redder' than it actually is. I adore this lipstick so much. It's from the 'Matte' range and I find it so easy to wear. I am very scared of red lipsticks but I really wanted one I could wear during the day if I wanted to or could be dress up and this is definitely the one! I find because its Matte finished its a more subtle and doesn't draw all the attention to the lip. If your scared of a bright red but want to be brave and try one, I would recommend this as your first! Easy to put on and so lovely to wear!

Girl About Town was actually the first every bright lipstick I got...Brave right? I don't know what drew me a buy a bright pink as my first but hey ho, best decision I have made! The lasting power of this is crazy good! I wore this all day at work and had an Indian take away in the evening and I only touched up once the whole time! The colour doesn't bleed at all either which I was worried about with it being such a bright colour! This lippy is with out a doubt a 5 star rating for me! Also with it being blue undertone does wonders for the teeth!

Last but not least! I had been wanting and looking to get a plumb shade for so long before I finally settled with Rebel. Rebel is such an easy lipstick to build with and for my skin tone I think its a good match, I kept trying really really dark plumbs but they really didn't look good with the pale skin. I was expecting it to be slightly darker on from looking at the bullet but if I'm honest I think its a much more wearable colour then if it was the exact same as the bullet. I think this is an in-between for Viva la Glam 1 and Girl About Town. Love!

What are your most worn lippys and which brand do you find yourself buying from most?

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