Thursday, 21 August 2014

August Glossybox '14

Well hello there my little beauties!
 I hope you're all well :) Who else is as upset as me about the weather! I even wanted to wear a scarf today! I refused to let myself! It's still August it is against the law to wear a scarf right! I just so glad I have a holiday at the end of September to to look forward to!

So..It's Glossy time again! :) and its Glossybox's 3rd birthday!

Krayolan For Glossybox - Highlighter in Cashmere
'This highlighter is a versatile, lightweight cream was with gloss finish. It provides cheekbones, lips and other parts of the skin with a beautiful velvety shine.'

I have never used a highlighter before, I'm not the biggest fan of the dewy look, I much prefer matte finishes so I've just never felt the need to go out and buy one. Following that I still haven't tried this out. It does feel lovely when I tried it on my hand (everyone does that right?) I have also tried it on my lips as it says it can be used there too, however I didn't really like the finish it left. I guess I will have to use it and see how I get on. 

Full Size £12.95

Figs & Rouge - Mini Hand Cream
'These hand creams are enriched with shea butter, natural antioxidants and algae extract for beautifully fragrant and indigent skincare. Softens, nourishes & thoroughly pampers hands throughout the day!'

I adore Figs & Rouge products they always smell amazing and feel amazing on the skin, this is no different, The mango and Mandarin scent in this is so lovely it smells edible! (its not don't try eat it) and it leaves my hand feeling so soft and a big thumbs up for me is it doesn't leave my hands feeling greasy after I'm applied it, I really hate that you put hand cream on and then feel like you can't do anything for a while and just stand there will your hands air dry...The only thing I will say about this and its probably just one of my weird dislikes, but when you first start to rub in in your hands, it makes your hands squeeze and almost feel rubbery...bit strange..but I really don't like that feel. Apart from that... LOVE..

Full Size £6.95

Yves Rocher - Pink Nail Polish in 'Rose'
Picture from Instagram @pollypocketx91

'Mini Polish, Maxi colour! Part of a palette of nude, vibrant or glamorous shades, slightly shimmery or intensely lacquered, Their mini format let you succumb to the temptation of all the colours guile-free'

When I first saw this I was a bit disappointed to be honest, I find it as hard tower pale pinks because of my pale skin...but...when I put it on I have now fallen completely in love with this polish! the colour is so beautiful! I've finally found a pale pink that I can wear!! Yay!! It says you only need to put on my coat and okay you could probably get away with that but I always like to put 2 on just to get the full colour experience! :) The picture above is with 2 coats! :) I will be buying this again when  it runs out!

Full Size - £3.60

Philip Kingsley - Elasticizer
not sure why my nail looks like its about to die and fall off... haha

'Originally created specifically for Aurdery Hepburn, this pre-shampoo treatment delivers unrivalled elasticity, manageability, bounce and shine without weighing town or coating the hair..'

When I first saw this and you will know if you watched my YouTube video unboxing I first thought this was a Shampoo and I got very excited, however if I am completely honest I don't think I will even use this as a pre-shampoo treatment. To use it, you apply it before shampooing to wet hair in the mid and ends of your hair. Cover it with a shower cap or towel and leave in for 20 minutes or more. Then just wash hair as normal but it also says if you have very fine hair to shampoo twice. To me this is a lot of hassle and time that I don't have, I normal have to wash my hair quickly before going to work and very rarely do I have time to sit with a mask or treatment on it before. Also I do have very fine hair and it just makes me a bit nervous. I may try it but I just don't know when.

Full Size - £38

Lalique L'Amour
'This soft, sensual fragrance has delicate top notes of rosebuds laced with fresh bergamot, white floral heart notes and a musk base note. This fragrance captures the essence of love'

This perfume is very floral, I'm not the biggest fan of floral scents, don't get me wrong it does smell lovely in the bottle but on me they just don't seem to ever smell good! Also this one is a dabby bottle so when you put it on your skin just just dribbles down your arm or down your neck haha, I do love a little spray bottle more! 

Full Size £67

Essence Longlasting Lipstick - Natural beauty
'Essence longlasting lipstick provides your lips with intensive colour for several hours without drying them out..'

I always get excited when a lipstick appears in my Glossybox, I'm a sucker for a lipstick! :) I wore this today at work and I love it! The colour is perfect for me and it feels so creamy on the lips. I wouldn't say it doesn't dry out my lips at all, it does a little bit, or it did at work but I guess that could have been the air con too. :)

Full Size - £2.29

See my first reactions in my video unboxing! :) 

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